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West Samar Telecommunications Inc

West Samar Telecoms, Inc. is a local Switchboard telephone system named Calbayog Telephone System established by Dr Quisumbing, a World War 2 Hero, to provide essential local telephone services in the community.

In the late '80s, with Quisumbing's health failing, he sold Calbayog Telephone System to Mr Domingo Siopongco, a local businessman catering fuel and logistics for the region.

With Mr Siopongco in the company's helm, he then upgraded the switchboard system to the state of the art system at the time, the Rotary Switching System. He also partnered with PLDT to provide extra Long Distance Trunk Lines a year later. His innovative thinking made local calls quicker and brought about making long-distance calls in the privacy of its subscribers' home a possibility.

He relocated CTS's office in the years to come and with the move saw new and advanced digital telephone being installed to its networks. A year later, after relocation, a fully digital switch was at the heart of the CTS network.

In the mid-'90s, Mr Siopongco's eldest daughter, Ms Irene Siopongco - Blackwell, came home from college to help with the business. She paves the way for modern iterations and expansion of the system. VSAT long-distance trunks were replaced with microwave links, giving a crisp and timely conversational experience. Then she introduced internet service when the internet was starting in 1998 with a VSAT Internet connection.

With the Y2K Bug, a big deal in 1999, and CTS reincorporated into West Samar Telecoms, Inc. From 2000 onwards, WSTI then expanded it's POTS services to Northern Samar and halfway through Samar Provinces. It gave high-speed unlimited internet access to its subscribers, offering both DSL for its core networks and Dial Ups to its far-flung areas.

Later on, with advances in technology, WSTI scrapped its dials ups by laying an 100-kilometre fibre optic network backbone, giving new possibilities to outlying communities on the island.

As of date, WSTI is going through another phase in its history. It is rolling out its ambitious plan of replacing all digital POTS switches and networks with the art fibre state to the home system.

As a local company that knows the local community's needs and demands, WSTI will be at the forefront of technological innovation in bringing quality and efficient services to its clientele.

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